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We Rescue Trusts

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Rescuing Trusts

Most go too long without reviewing or giving additional thought to their estate plan. We recommend a review every year at best and at least a review every time there is a significant event in your life at worst case.

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Creating Trusts

Our firm has developed an instructional process to make getting a Will and Trust very easy and simple for you. Utilizing automation and technology to its fullest extent allows us to provide a professional product at modest fees.

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Settling Trusts

A loved one has recently passed away and has named you as the “Successor Trustee” or “Executor.” Now What? Trust Administration is a mystery to clients, but can be handled with the assistance of a good Probate and Trust lawyer.

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The most common mistake in Estate Planning is failure to continue to review and update your Estate Plan.

Matthew S. Dana


Here are some of the most common reasons your Trust may be caught in a legal “rip current” that could cost your family time and money:

  • Out of State Documents
  • Changes in the Law
  • Changes in Washington – Taxes
  • Changes in Size of Estate
  • Changes in Relationships
  • Divorce
  • Death in the Family

A lifeguard tower serves as a watchful eye for water users who may encounter unforeseen dangers…

At LifeGuard Law, our experienced estate planning attorneys serve as a watchful eye to protect your loved ones by putting together an end-of-life plan. “We all know death is a certainty, and how your loved ones are cared for and provided for is up to you”.
-Founder, Matt Dana.

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