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Low Fees

How we Do it

Low Brick and Mortar Costs

In many locations our Attorneys and Paralegals work from home or work in Warehouse space. No expensive cherry wood law offices.

Highly Trained Attorneys & Paralegals

We have our own Paralegal School focusing only on Probate. All other Paralegal Schools are general in nature. Because our Paralegals and Attorneys are continually trained by our internal Paralegal School we are confident in their proficiency to move your case along as expeditiously and economically as possible.

Minimize Expenses thru Efficiencies

Instead of using expensive lawyers each step of the Probate process, we maximize the use of lower billable rates using Paralegals and Legal Assistants.

Low Hourly Rates

Many functions of a probate practice can be performed by Paralegals, rather than Attorneys. Our business model is to strive to have 2 to 3 paralegals per attorney as a savings to you on hourly rates.

Automated Documents

Although Probate Documents are confusing, they can be automated. This eliminates custom drafting. Also, information is entered once, in one place, and automated to all of the documents.

You Enter Information Online

Many of our intake forms are online with all information entered by you saving our Attorneys and Paralegals time and you the added expense.

We represent YOU as the Executor of the Will or Successor Trustee of a Trust. We will make sure you are paid for your time before the beneficiaries get paid.

1. Your Fees

Although many of our clients do not want to charge Executor fees, we strongly encourage it.  Your services will take a significant amount of time and we want to make sure it is worth your time.  Also, you have liability as an Executor if you make mistakes. Our job is to prevent those mistakes and make sure you are compensated for your liability risks.

A. Your fees as the Executor comes out of the Estate before anyone else gets a distribution.  In most cases, your fees are similar to our fees and in some cases, your fees are more than our fees.  We will help you keep a log of all of the time you spend and reimburse you for that time at an hourly rate of $50 to $100 per hour depending on your qualifications. We make sure the Probate Court will approve your fees as “reasonable” before distributions to the beneficiaries.

B. In most cases, your fees are tax deductible to the estate on both the Federal and State Income Tax Returns.

“The more you can do yourself with our help and support, the more you save”.

C. We obtain releases of liabilities from the beneficiaries to protect your fees and your actions. If you prefer, we are happy to quote a flat fee, “out the door” rate. And, in most cases, our fees our deferred until assets in the Estate are turned to cash”.

2. Our Fees

Paid in conjunction with your fees. In many cases, fees end up being similar to your fees. Generally, we charge a blended fee:

A. Flat fees for Probate Documents

i. Court Filings,
ii. And Tax Filings.

B. Hourly Rates of Paralegals and Attorneys for other functions:

i. Court Appearances
ii. Client meetings and correspondences
iii. Liquidating assets
iv. Handling creditor claims and disputes
v. Handling disputes among the beneficiaries.

C. In some cases, we are happy to provide a Flat Fee Quote if you prefer.