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Convert Assets to Cash

How we Do it

Stocks/ Bonds/Marketable Securities

We will work with your financial advisors to convert these assets quickly to cash, and in most cases, tax-free.

Immediate Cash for Residential Real Estate (most cases)

We can use options of the many internet real estate firms that will buy the house for cash, or we have references to the real estate agents in the area that can turn a home quickly, tax-free.

Investors who will loan immediate cash for other assets.

Other difficult assets, like mineral interests, family farms, etc. We don’t need to wait until they are sold to realize some cash for distributions. We have many investors who are willing to loan money to a beneficiary using his/her interest in the estate as collateral.

Settle Creditor Claims Quicker

Quicker cash allows us to work with creditors quicker and offer fast cash for large discounts.

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