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Has Your Trust Kept up with Life Changes?

Avoid the Sharks of Outdated Trusts

As time passes after the creation of your Trust, the more likely your Trust will have one or more “sharks” in the water. These “sharks” don’t necessarily invalidate the Trust, but they can increase the likelihood of money loss and time-consuming inconveniences for your family.

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A Trust is a lifelong work in process

“I oftentimes say that I don’t practice Estate Planning, I am living it. Over my 42 years of marriage, I have changed my Trust at least 10 times as a result of all of the things and circumstances that have impacted my life, my assets, and my family. Not to mention changes in the law.”  – Matt Dana

“Sharks” of an outdated Estate Plan:

  • Trigger probate – expensive
  • Multiple States – means multiple attorneys
  • Higher Estate Taxes
  • Higher Income Taxes
  • Family Fighting/ Litigation
  • State’s wishes honored instead of your wishes.

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