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This website aims to educate people on legal topics and does not constitute legal advice. You should always consult with a lawyer to discuss how the law applies to your specific facts and circumstances. You should not use the information on this website in an attempt to handle your own legal affairs as it may not apply to your specific situation. LifeGuard Law/Dana Whiting Law is not your attorney until we enter into a written agreement to provide you with legal services.

We have attorneys licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, New York and New Jersey. If your state is not listed check with us since we are constantly adding more and more States to LifeGuard Law.

LifeGuard Law is a law firm in and of itself. It also has relationships with other Probate and Trust Administration law firms across the country who are licensed franchisees of LifeGuard Law.

With respect to Arizona, the licensee is Dana Whiting Law, PLLC, a firm in which Matt Dana is the Managing Partner.

With respect to California, the licensee is Coats Law, in which Attorney Donald F. Coats is the Managing Partner.

Contact us for a list of other licensees in your State.